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Are perfect attendance policies compliant with the FMLA and ADA?

March 7 2012 My company is a firm believer in rewarding good behavior as opposed to punishing bad behavior.

What is California’s Unfair Competition Law?—the Michael Scott explanation

October 4 2012 The UCL, codified as Bus. & Prof. Code Section 17200, provides for injunctive and other relief for any business practice that is “unfair,” “unlawful” or “fraudulent.”

A primer on California privacy law: how things are different in the golden state

October 13 2012 The storage, protection and use of personal data presents significant regulatory and litigation risks for any business.

Are pre-employment background checks discriminatory?

February 28 2012 I am the Human Resources Director at a mid-size company, with employees in eight states.

Pre-employment background checks for temporary employees

March 14 2012 I read with interest your analysis of pre-employment background checks in Quirky Question # 189.

Earnings Management Keyed to A Poor Control Environment

April 20 2022 Earnings management has long been a key concern for the Commission and its Enforcement Division. While the agency has in recent years made various…

A Guide to China’s Exclusion Procedure for Additional Tariffs on the Import of U.S. Goods

June 7 2019 As the countermeasure tariffs imposed on the U.S. - and China-origin imports between the two countries continue, Chinese authorities for the first…

China’s Greater Bay Area Puts Hong Kong in the Lead as Super Connector to the World

February 13 2018 China’s open door policy is further opening up to welcome the world for business. The country is now building a landmark megalopolis on its southern…

Hong Kong High Court Stays Litigation in Favor of Arbitration

December 7 2017 On 27 November 2017, the High Court of Hong Kong issued a judgment in which it again demonstrated its willingness to uphold an arbitration agreement…


December 1 2017 特拉华州是第一个加入美国联邦的州,又因其具备全美国最成熟的商业法律体系,而被誉为“世界公司的出生地”。全球500强企业中近六成是依据特拉华州公司法在此注册成立的。最近,特拉华州又立新规,为全球化背景下的跨国企业提供更完善的法律保护。…