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New Dutch legislation on partnerships

January 8 2010 On 15 December 2009, a supplemental bill was approved by the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament, which relates to statutory regulations for fields of law adjacent to new title 13 of Book 7 Dutch Civil Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek, "DCC").

Dutch Supreme Court ruling in ASMI: no duty to mediate for supervisory boards

July 15 2010 The Dutch Supreme Court has ruled on the position of the managing board and the supervisory board (SB) vis-à-vis activist shareholders.

Template for Fiduciary Management Agreements

January 26 2009 At the request of DUFAS (the Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association) and OPF (the Dutch Association for Company Pension Funds) De Brauw has drafted a template Fiduciary Management Agreement, which is based on The DUFAS Principles of Fiduciary Management, which were published on 13 November 2008.

Tax controversy in Netherlands

September 27 2019 An overview of legal and practical considerations surrounding tax controversies in Netherlands, including cooperation with authorities, taxpayer rights and court actions.

.中国(".china") domain names available for registration

December 12 2012 As of 29 October 2012, the domain name ".中国" (i.e. China in Chinese characters) is available for separate public registration with Latin alphabets, Arabic numerals, a combination of the two and/or inserting a hyphen.

In review: court procedure in Netherlands

February 23 2023 A general introduction to court procedure in Netherlands, including key considerations surrounding time frames, representation in proceedings, access to court files and much more.

Spotlight: alternatives to litigation in Netherlands

February 23 2023 A general introduction to alternative dispute resolution methods in Netherlands, covering key considerations surrounding arbitration, mediation and other mechanisms.

In brief: Market and policy climate for financial services M&A activity in Netherlands

February 17 2023 This ‘in brief’ discusses issues such as activity levels, notable deals, and general government policy.

First-step analysis: Legal and regulatory framework for financial services M&A in Netherlands

February 17 2023 This first-step analysis discusses issues such as applicable primary laws, ownership restrictions, competition law and merger control.

Snapshot: litigation funding costs and insurance in Netherlands

November 23 2022 A concise Q&A guide to litigation funding costs and insurance in Netherlands, including award of costs, liability for costs, security for costs and insurance.