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Indian Stamp Act - Amendments by the Finance Act 2019

January 21 2020 The Finance Act 2019 amends the Indian Stamp Act, 1899. (Amended Stamp Act). The amendments are set to come into force from 1 April 2020. Pursuant to…

Foreign Exchange Management (Non-debt Instruments) Rules, 2019: key changes

November 29 2019 On 17 October 2019, the Central Government notified the Foreign Exchange Management (Non-debt Instruments) Rules, 2019 (NDI Rules) and the Reserve…

Why the legal function must be reimagined for the digital age

March 22 2019 The EY global survey finds that legal functions must change their Operating models to maximize value from digital transformation

Post-2020 tax policy possibilities

October 15 2020 The 2020 presidential election season has been anything but typical. Mainstay election issues are being viewed through a crisis lens:…

COVID-19: Cybercriminals capitalize on global fears

March 16 2020 As COVID-19 continues to spread, cybercriminals have used a variety of tactics to exploit the widespread fear of infection and hunger for news and…

COVID-19 pandemic to disrupt consumer holiday shopping plans, according to EY Future Consumer Index

October 27 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to online shopping and its long-term adoption in certain product categories and…

How to capture the real e-commerce opportunity

October 22 2020 The EY Future Consumer Index on behavior and sentiment identifies the scale, scope and stickiness of the deep pivot to online shopping. In Brief Four…

How Asia-Pacific must respond to the new, post-COVID-19 consumer

October 19 2020 The changing preferences of Asia-Pacific consumers are creating opportunities for businesses that embrace an agile mindset.

Why EU state aid is an important element of transaction strategy

October 19 2020 It is important for businesses to make sure that the implementation of their transaction strategy is not negatively impacted by state aid.

How the Trump and Biden tax approaches compare

October 16 2020 Biden would like to increase the corporate tax rate, while Trump would keep it the same or potentially lower.