Schima Mayer Starlinger


GDPR versus PSD II - right of access to information versus charges for information

November 8 2019 The Federal Administrative Court recently confirmed that a credit institution had violated its obligations under the EU Data Protection Regulation by…

COVID-19 pandemic and banking in Austria - lessons learned?

July 14 2020 A significant part of Austria's COVID-19 subsidy programme was structured as government guarantees for bridging loans to be granted by banks to…

First-step analysis: gas regulation in Austria

March 10 2020 This guide answers some of the key questions surrounding gas regulation in Austria, including the regulatory framework around production, sales and distribution.

Energy disputes in Austria

February 13 2019 A structured guide to energy disputes in Austria

Oops, I did it again: Austrian banks' terms and conditions and PSD II

November 24 2020 The European Court of Justice (ECJ) recently responded to the Supreme Court's request for a preliminary ruling and issued a decision with respect to a…

Multiple assignments of future receivables

April 27 2021 The Supreme Court recently addressed the effects of an agreed sale of a plot of land on the security assignment of the future receivables under the…

Q&A: enforcement of dominance rules in Austria

March 12 2021 A look at how the competition authorities in Austria enforce provisions governing abuse of dominance, including sanctions, procedures and appeals.

In brief: abuse of dominance in Austria

March 12 2021 A quick look at the key legal and regulatory provisions governing abuse of dominance in Austria, including the types of conduct that constitute abuse and available defences.

In brief: natural gas production in Austria

February 16 2021 A quick look at a few key features of the regulation of natural gas production in Austria, including ownership and organisational structures and authorisation requirements.

At a glance: natural gas pipeline transportation and storage in Austria

February 16 2021 A quick look at the regulatory framework governing natural gas pipeline transportation and storage in Austria, including ownership, infrastructure, interconnection and expansion.