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Mining in Uzbekistan

July 18 2018 A structured guide to mining in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan establishes a visa-free regime with UAE residents and UN passport holders

January 23 2020 According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On amending and adding to the Decree of President of the Republic of…

Sports law in 2019&2020 - key issues to watch

January 15 2020 Liya Akzhanova, Partner of GRATA International and as a member of the Editorial Board of, wrote a short summary of her highlights…

Islamic finance and markets in Uzbekistan

October 1 2019 An overview of the law and practice surrounding Islamic finance and markets in Uzbekistan, including government policy, market development and supervision, and regulatory obstacles.

Nobel Brothers' history in Azerbaijan

October 8 2019 Azerbaijan is one of the world's oldest oil producers and the city of Baku and the Absheron Peninsula have long been known as historic sites for oil…

Spotlight: the energy markets in Kazakhstan

June 2 2022 This article explores the key features of the energy markets in Kazakhstan, gauging market climate and reviewing recent developments, as well as contractual considerations for market players.

In review: energy regulation in Kazakhstan

June 2 2022 This article reviews the need-to-know features of energy regulation in Kazakhstan, including the extent of the regulatory authorities' powers, regulated activities and market access restrictions.

A general introduction to the banking regulatory regime in Kazakhstan

May 12 2022 A general introduction to the regulatory regime for banks operating in Kazakhstan with regard to recent developments, covering key legislation and the activities of the regulatory authorities, among other things.

In review: prudential regulation of banks in Kazakhstan

May 12 2022 A review of bank prudential regulations in Kazakhstan, including with regard to senior management responsibilities and remuneration, regulatory capital and liquidity, and recovery and resolution.

Q&A: islamic finance contracting concepts in Uzbekistan

October 8 2021 An overview of the treatment of Islamic finance contracting concepts in Uzbekistan.