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Employing “permanent” casuals: what are the benefits and risks for your business?

Australia - October 14 2016 Traditionally, a casual employee was an employee who had no guarantee of continuing employment with their employer and whose hours of work were

Why You Need a Lawyer to Deal with an Unfair Dismissal Claim

Australia - November 10 2016 As an employer, dealing with misconduct or under-performing employees is complex and fraught with legal and financial dangers. As an employee, being

Disciplining Employee Out of Hours Behaviour: A Blurred Line

Australia - June 17 2016 Not so long ago, there was a clear line between work and play - between conduct at work and employees' private lives, with the latter being none of

5 Reasons to Get Your Contract Checked By a Lawyer - MDC Legal

Australia - November 11 2016 Good employment contracts are essential to the success of any business and care is needed to ensure they comply with various applicable industrial

How Your Business Can Deal With “Suspect Sickies”

Australia - December 31 2015 A recent study of 97 public and private sector employers in Australia found that 40 of all personal leave was taken on Mondays, which is double any

The devil is in the detail: Devil Dog Pty Ltd v Cook 2017 WASC 27 - MDC Legal

Australia - March 27 2017 In the recent decision of Devil Dog Pty Ltd v Cook 2017 WASC 27, the Supreme Court of Western Australia granted an interim injunction to prevent a

Restructuring Your Workplace? Why You’ll Need an Employment Lawyer

Australia - March 13 2017 Current economic conditions and industrial changes in Western Australia are putting a lot of strain on the viability of businesses. In order to

Employer hotel fined for caretaker sexually assaulting young employee

Australia - January 23 2017 A female hotel employee in Queensland has been awarded $313,000 in damages for sexual harassment and assault she was subjected to in her bed by the

What Exactly Is Unfair Dismissal?

Australia - January 11 2017 Unfair dismissal occurs when an employee’s dismissal from employment is harsh, unjust or unreasonable. Those who are unfairly dismissed may be

Protecting Your Business Interests

Australia - December 29 2016 Employees are spending less and less time working in the same organisation. As employees move around different organisations in the same industry