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AML Risks and Foreign Correspondent Banking

USA - May 30 2016 With the Panama Papers scandal and government promises of continued aggressive AML enforcement, financial institutions face a variety of risks that

Know Your Customer (“KYC”) due diligence best practices

USA - July 9 2015 Financial institutions have a lengthy list of Anti-Money Laundering compliance requirements. They face a mountain of risks from a large number of

The Demise of Valeant Pharmaceuticals: A Case Study in Rotten Culture and Business Ethics

USA - April 3 2016 Showing my age again, Woody Allen’s Take the Money and Run included a hilarious scene when Woody’s parents wearing Groucho Marx glasses talk about

Ethics and simplicity

USA - October 5 2015 Groucho Marx was (and is) my hero. No one else had a sharper wit. One of my favorite scenes was in Duck Soup when Groucho conducts a meeting as the

Ten key elements of an AML compliance program

USA - July 26 2015 AML compliance reminds me of a classic Three Stooges scene from A Plumbing We Will Go (view episode here) - Curly, as one of the plumbers, continues

DOJ “Tweaks” FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy

USA - March 26 2019 The Justice Department is wedded to its FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy (excuse me for the use of “wedded,” we recently celebrated our son’s

2019 Cryptocurrency Regulations - A Primer and What to Expect Throughout the Year

USA - March 14 2019 You've heard this before, but it still holds true - cryptocurrency regulations are coming. Everyone knows they're inevitable, and there has been some

FCPA Enforcement Ramping Up Against Private Equity and Hedge Funds (Part III)

USA - October 11 2016 The Och-Ziff settlement has now set the stage for the Justice Department and the SEC to focus its enforcement eye on the private equity and hedge

Och-Ziff Failures in Due Diligence and Transaction Compliance (Part II)

Democratic Republic of Congo, USA - October 10 2016 The Och-Ziff enforcement action is replete with examples of failures in due diligence and transaction monitoring compliance. Och-Ziff’s bribery

DOJ and SEC Deliver Body Blow to Private Equity and Hedge Funds: Och-Ziff Settles FCPA Violations for $412 Million (Part I)

USA - October 9 2016 The Justice Department and the Securities Exchange Commission delivered a powerful FCPA enforcement message to private equity and hedge funds