What goes on the internet stays on the internet

USA - July 22 2015 On July 20th, CBC reported that a group of hackers announced that they had stolen 37 million records from AshleyMadison.com, an extramarital dating

What is behind all that redacted text??

Canada - October 28 2015 The number of Access to Information Act request being handled by the federal government continues to grow. So does the appetite for redactions. The

Highlights from the Sedona Canada webinar

Canada - March 2 2015 Increased emphasis on cooperation and discovery planning, a modified proportionality test and the increasing role of Information Governance in

Finding the needle in a larger haystack

Canada - January 7 2016 The old expression "Every case comes down to 20 documents" is just as true now as when it was first coined. Although information is expanding at an

New computer virus, same old deployment method

USA - May 6 2015 A new, self-destructing, stealth computer virus was discovered earlier this week. The virus, dubbed Rombertik by computer security experts, actively

Are we on the cusp of a new legal-information age?

Global - May 11 2016 For the first time, Millennials (those between 19 and 35 years old as of this year) surpassed the Gen-Xers (people between 36 and 51) as the largest

Is Blackberry’s Enhanced Security a Myth?

USA - May 5 2016 Our last blog focused on Apple's refusal to compromise its global device security in response to an FBI court order. Blackberry appears to have taken

What the hack?!?

USA - May 2 2016 One of the major themes as the iPro Innovations 2016 Conference was security - at the corporate and firm level as well as from a consumer perspective

Mobile Devices, Technology Companies and Law Enforcement - Part 1

USA - April 28 2016 Earlier this year Apple challenged a court order requiring it to help the FBI unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino assailant. Apple resisted

Data Collection in the Internet of Things Age

USA - April 19 2016 In our technology-dependant society, we know that many things we interact with automatically create and consume information about us. We're on the