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知识产权主管手册如何权衡美国专利和商标局的特殊政策(二) - Track One - 加速申请的优先选择

USA - May 22 2017 这是关于讨论如何恰当运用专利和商标局的特殊政策帮助专利从业人员的系列文章的第二篇本系列的第一部分讨论了"等待P3归来"

Patent Beauty: IP and the Cosmeceutical Industry

USA - April 26 2018 The cosmeceutical industry is ever more competitive and continues to grow with a myriad of new cosmeceutical products entering the market every day

Obviousness, Prodrugs and the Rule of 5: Amerigen Pharmaceuticals Limited v. UCB Pharma GmbH

USA - February 7 2019 In Amerigen Pharmaceuticals Limited v. UCB Pharma GMBH, 2017-2596 (Fed. Cir. January 11, 2019), the Federal Circuit upheld the Board’s IPR finding

解密人类基因组下一代测序 -一

China - September 28 2017 2001年在人类基因组计划的支持下成功实现了对人类基因组的完整测序这项测序耗时15年耗资近30亿美元此后开发了高通量测序技术也称为下一代测序Next Generation Sequencing (NGS以减少人类基因组测序的时间和成本 2005年第一个NGS测序仪由454

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Patents - 2017, Part I: Catalytic CompositionsSynthesis

USA - June 15 2018 This is the first article in a review of patents issued in 2017 in the area of Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC). The summary below covers six patents

Lack of Obviousness in Methods for Cancer Treatment

USA - May 28 2019 In Neptune Generics, LLC v. Eli Lilly & Co. the Federal Circuit upheld the Patent Trial and Appeals Board’s inter partes review decisions that

Are Your Secrets Still Safe? How Trade Secret Protection is Evolving Under the DTSA

USA - May 9 2019 Trade secret law provides protection for information that its owner takes reasonable measures to keep secret and that derives independent economic

Pain Treatment, Kidney Failure, and 101

USA - May 7 2019 In Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. v. Teva the Federal Circuit has further clarified the patent eligibility of treatment methods which include natural

Déjà vu at the Federal Circuit: Personal Web Technologies, LLC, v. Apple, Inc.

USA - April 9 2019 There is a scene in the Big Lebowski where the Dude complains about the lousy day he just had as he tosses down some snacks at a bowling alley bar

Lead Compound Analysis in Mylan v. RCT

USA - March 19 2019 Lead compound analysis (LCA) has been used in the evaluation of chemical compound Obviousness for the past 20 years.1 This approach supplemented the