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Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome facts, warning signs and treatment

United Kingdom - July 23 2014 Identical twins who share a placenta (monochorionic twins) share blood connections within the placenta. TTTS occurs when the connections become

Sensory loss series - touch

United Kingdom - July 6 2015 As part of our new series focusing on injuries caused to the senses as a result of medical negligence we explore how someone’s ability to touch and

The interplay between concurrent liability in tort and contract: a claimant’s perspective

United Kingdom - September 18 2015 Traditional contract and tort claims exist mutually exclusively as distinct and separate actions. However, when one considers potential causes of

Post-mortems - your questions answered

United Kingdom - January 6 2016 A post-mortem examination, also known as an autopsy, is an examination of a person’s body that is carried out in order to investigate what the cause

On balance: child brain injury or autism?

United Kingdom - April 13 2015 I've recently been instructed to act for a little boy, whom for the purpose of this blog I will call Jake. Jake suffered serious brain injuries in a

Brain injuries suffered by professionals - a different base line

United Kingdom - September 12 2018 I have acted for a number of people who, before their injury, were extremely successful and at the top of a high flying career. Then, they suffer a

Why it must be a case of “time’s up” for sexual harassment in the armed forces

United Kingdom - August 15 2018 There has been a somewhat unfolding National scandal in recent years revealing an alarming number of historic sexual abuse and assault cases

Headway Brain Injury Identity Card - Supporting daily life

United Kingdom - August 15 2018 Headway, a UK-wide charity for people who have suffered a brain injury, has created the Headway Brain Injury ID Card. Here, we look at what the Card

Dads, Doctors and Depression

United Kingdom - August 10 2018 When we talk about post-natal depression, we often think of mothers. This is a fair assumption to make as the mother carries the child and physically

Therapy for Brain Injuries: Facing the Music

United Kingdom - July 31 2018 I recently attended a very interesting workshop delivered by Chroma, which focused on the important role that music therapy can play in the