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Buying a franchise? Plan to sell

United Kingdom - April 29 2013 If you are buying a franchise, or thinking of franchising your own business, then this article is for you. Any business owner must consider at all

Protect interests in land before the 13.10.13 deadline

United Kingdom - May 28 2013 All landowners who hold the right to mines and minerals and manorial rights, which include sporting rights, are urged to register these valuable

Doctors are challenging A&E criticisms

United Kingdom - April 26 2013 Doctors' leaders have said that the Government is prompting "an over simplistic and inaccurate" picture of the current pressures facing hospital A &

'Weight loss gut bacterium' found

United Kingdom - May 15 2013 Bacteria that live in the gut have been used to reverse obesity and Type-2 diabetes in animal studies. The BBC has reported that research published

When blaming yourself just won't wash

United Kingdom - June 6 2013 A motor mechanic who lost a finger working in his company's workshop has failed in his attempt to win damages from his insurers, after trying to

England to set up the world's largest database of cancer patients

United Kingdom - June 13 2013 It has been announced that the largest database of those diagnosed with cancer is to be set up in England. The hope is that collating all the data

Supreme Court judgment secures England's reputation as the 'divorce capital of the world'

United Kingdom - June 13 2013 The Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision yesterday enabling Yasmin Prest to share in her oil tycoon husband's fortune. After a battle

New system for criminal record checks

United Kingdom - June 10 2013 On 1 December 2012 a new body, The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) was created out of a merger of the CRB and the Independent Safeguarding

Re engagement following unfair dismissal

United Kingdom - June 7 2013 In most cases of unfair dismissal, the remedy the Claimant is seeking is compensation only. However, it is possible for employees to request that

50 will get cancer in their lifetime

United Kingdom - June 7 2013 The latest forecast is that the number of people in the UK who will get cancer during their lifetime will increase to nearly half the population by