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Patenting natural and organic cosmetics...can it be done?

Australia - May 4 2015 Two interesting trends are occurring in the international cosmetics market which, at first glance, seem to be in conflict. The first trend is the

A hot couple in the patenting of radiopharmaceuticals - the theranostic pair technetium-99m and rhenium-188

USA - March 11 2016 This is the first in a series of articles looking at the hot topic of the patenting of radiopharmaceuticals. In the theranostic pair of technetium

US patent applications - third party observations?

Australia, USA - July 27 2012 On 16 September 2012 new US rules regarding third party observations will take effect

Look before you leap: seeking to enforce your pharmaceutical patent may lead to unintended consequences

Australia, United Kingdom, USA - January 11 2016 It may not be just generic manufacturers seeking compensation when their product launch is found to be delayed by an originator wielding what is

How an object statement can bring down your patent

Australia - May 31 2016 An Australian Court has just ruled that for a given patent claim to be valid, every promise about the invention in the specification must be

Patent claim construction in Australia: Federal Court confirms the need for careful consideration of the use of “comprising” and “contains” in patent claims

Australia - August 11 2017 In contested patent proceedings in Australia the interpretation of claim features that are introduced using the words "comprise" or "contain" is

Global Patent Prosecution Highway (GPPH) now available in New Zealand

New Zealand - July 6 2017 Patent law in New Zealand in recent years has undertaken quite a facelift. For example, under the new law, stricter support requirements are in place

The Australian Innovation Patent: The threshold for patentability may be higher than you think

Australia - June 22 2017 A June 2017 decision of the Australian Patent Office highlights when claims in an innovation patent may be found novel, but lacking in innovative

Australian and New Zealand Patent Systems among the strongest in the world

Australia, New Zealand - March 17 2017 A newly developed index rates Australia's and New Zealand's patent systems among the strongest in the world. Companies need to be strategic about

2016 - a year at a glance

Australia - March 14 2017 What is a human? When is your best method not good enough? When is an inventor not an inventor? What happens when your patent application fails to