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Labuan: Offshore Opportunities in Malaysia

Malaysia - November 28 2018 Labuan is an offshore, Malaysian island, which has the benefit of low tax regimes while still retaining the protection of Malaysia’s laws and

Remitting Profits from India: Procedures and Regulations for Foreign Businesses

India - November 6 2018 Prior to investing in India, companies must know how to repatriate their profits from the country. Though sending company profits from India is much

An Introduction to Vietnam’s Import and Export Industries

European Union - November 19 2018 With its rising costs, China is no longer the go-to destination for many businesses, and Vietnam has arisen as a serious competitor. Recent trends

Tax Planning for NRIs Returning to India

India - November 13 2018 In general, investment and tax provisions relating to non-resident Indians (NRIs) returning to live in India are fairly generous. However, NRIs must

How to Get a Shenzhen Hukou

China - November 21 2018 Hukou is a household registration system in China. A hukou includes the holder’s basic personal information: name, gender, birth date, and permanent

The Philippines’ Investment Outlook for 2019

Philippines - December 14 2018 Despite the downside risk of recent inflation in the Philippines, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects a 6.6 percent economic growth outlook

Expanding Investments in the Quang Ngai Province

USA, Vietnam - December 13 2018 Quang Ngai province - located in one of Vietnam’s Central Key Economic Regions (KER) - has the potential to transform into an urban economy. The

Logistics Industry in India - Modernizing with Tax Reform, Technology, and Infrastructure

India - December 13 2018 India’s logistics industry is currently experiencing a transformative phase. The expanding manufacturing base under the federal government’s Make in

Due Diligence in China: Protecting Your Business from Fraud, Reputational Risks

China, USA - December 12 2018 Fraud can take many forms and may be perpetrated both internally by actors within an organization, or externally by third parties that interact with

China’s 2019 Holiday Schedule

China - December 11 2018 China’s General Office of the State Council released the country’s official holiday schedule for 2019 through its “Circular about Public Holiday