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The ATO is watching: beware the dangers of undeclared income

Australia - August 13 2013 Now that the 2013 income year has ended, and taxpayers and tax agents start to prepare for the yearly lodgement of income tax returns, it is

Getting married overseas? Australia’s recognition of foreign marriages

Australia - May 23 2014 If you are an Australian citizen planning to get married overseas there are certain legal requirements that you must be aware of to ensure that you

What you need to know about incorporating a PNG company

Papua New Guinea - April 18 2014 The process of incorporating a Papua New Guinea (PNG) company is simple and relatively cheap. But before you rush out the door to incorporate a PNG

Time bomb for parental loans

Australia - July 9 2013 A significant Family Court decision highlights how parents who lend their married children all or part of the deposit on their first homes are at

Whose land is it anyway: boundaries, adverse possession and encroachment

Australia - January 3 2014 Boundary fences are a common source of disputes between neighbours. Usually the dispute centres around the type of fence, the cost of the fence and

Chatting about ChaFTA

Australia, China - November 24 2014 Following the G20 Conference in Brisbane on 17 November 2014, Australia and China entered into a declaration of intent to enter into the

Court orders partial enforcement of international arbitral award due to breach of natural justice

Australia - November 11 2014 The Supreme Court of New South Wales has ordered a partial enforcement of an arbitral award made in the United Arab Emirates arising out of a

Does it feel better to know for certain that you are a tax audit target?

Australia - October 28 2014 In September 2014 the Tax Commissioner released a document headed "Assessing the risk: allocation of profits within professional firms." In broad

Cabinet makers and the consumer: a discussion of unfair contract terms

Australia - October 27 2014 While standard form contracts can save time, using them without considering the unique circumstances of each agreement can be risky. This article

Property co-ownership: the pitfalls

Australia - October 23 2014 Before buying property with family or friends carefully consider the potential risks as well as the benefits to avoid future heartaches. With the