Enforcing foreign judgments in Texas

USA - March 29 2011 There are two ways to enforce a foreign judgment (i.e. a judgment from another U.S. state or foreign country) in Texas

Things a lawyer should know about the enforcement of Rule 11 agreements

USA - October 18 2012 Attorneys who practice law in State Courts in Texas are invariably familiar with Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 11, or as it is more commonly referred, the “Rule 11 Agreement”

Contractors: remember your rights under the Texas Constitution

USA - October 26 2011 In Texas, a qualified contractor is protected from non-payment of labor and materials on construction projects under the Texas Constitution

How "alternate employer endorsement" can help if you hire temporary workers

USA - October 23 2011 Businesses often depend on staffing companies or "temp agencies" to supply their workers

Texas courts will define "prevailing party" if you do not

USA - August 19 2010 Recently, in Intercontinental Group Partnership v. KP Home Loan Star, L.P., the Texas Supreme Court was confronted with the task of interpreting what is commonly referred to as a prevailing party provision of a contract

Implementation of new hours of service rules

USA - November 27 2013 In August, I reported here that earlier that month, a federal appeals court in Washington, DC upheld almost all of the controversial "hours of

How the Supreme Court's DOMA ruling affects employers

USA - September 24 2013 The United States Supreme Court in United States v. Windsor found as unconstitutional the Defense of Marriage Act's provision requiring federal laws

Federal appeals court upholds new hours of service rules for transportation industry

USA - August 28 2013 The hard fought legal battle over tough new "hours of service" rules enacted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in late 2011

Affordable Care Act delays play or pay penalties

USA - August 19 2013 On July 2, 2013, the US Treasury Department announced that it is delaying enforcement of the employer "play or pay" penalties and reporting

New Texas statute to protect trade secrets

USA - August 13 2013 After years of common law remedies for trade secret misappropriation, the Texas Legislature has adopted the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act (TUTSA