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The Enforceability of Oral Contracts

Australia - August 31 2016 If asked to consider what is a contract, it is likely that most people would immediately begin to think of a written agreement. It is important to

Family constitutions what, when and why

Australia - November 2 2015 Family businesses can be difficult to manage due to the effects of expansion and generational change. It is said that the typical family business

Powers to Amend Trust Deed

Australia - August 31 2016 When a trust is created, the terms stipulated within the deed are binding on the subsequent actions of The Trustees in relation to the trust property

Novation in construction contracts what does it really mean?

Australia - August 30 2013 Novation is a significant feature of building and construction projects, particularly in relation to design and construct (D&C) procurement. It is

Lost the trust deed?

Australia - July 31 2015 The loss of the original trust deed for a trust is not a problem to be taken lightly. While the trust will continue to operate, administering it will

'Facebook Official' Just dating or de facto by law?

Australia - April 19 2017 Whether you have been dating for a week or many years (and still waiting on that ring), most people will agree that these days it’s not official

Inviting someone to your home? Beware! They might end up suing you

Australia - April 12 2017 You need some work done to your home. You call a tradesman. He comes and gets started on the work. Everything seems to be going well. All of a sudden

Bikies and a Brothel, what could go wrong?

Australia - April 12 2017 Late in the evening on New Year’s Day 2012, a brothel called The Gentlemen’s Club located in a sleepy industrial estate in north Canberra went up in

Structuring Sport Correctly

Australia - April 11 2017 Sporting clubs and organisations are often set up without much thought as to the best legal structure to use. It then often becomes a thought process

Professional sport is a recreational activity; and there are insurance implications!

Australia - April 11 2017 Mr Goode (plaintiff) was riding a horse named “Shot of the Rails” at the Queanbeyan Racecourse on 29 June 2009. Mr Angland (defendant) was riding a