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How to Protect and Perfect Your Security Interest by Filing in the Correct State

USA - June 21 2016 Suppose that you've finally found a buyer for that used piece of construction equipment that you've been trying to sell for months. While the buyer

Fourth Circuit Allows Writs of Attachment against Defendants’ Property in False Claims Act Case

USA - April 3 2017 The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit recently published a decision involving the Government’s ability to execute writs of

A Practitioner's Primer on History and Use of the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute

USA - March 28 2017 When Congress discovered that Great Depression-era employers were scheming to circumvent wage provisions in federal contracts, it enacted the first

Tenet Hospital CEO and Other Executives Indicted in $400 Million Alleged Bribery Scheme

USA - October 5 2017 Last week, Bill Moore, a former CEO of a Georgia-based health care provider, Tenet Healthcare Corporation, was indicted for his alleged role in a $400

Contract Negotiation Checklist

USA - June 21 2016 Like any contract, negotiation of a construction contract requires balancing risk with reward. After execution, the risks that your client assumed

4th Circuit Finds Misrepresentations about Medical Necessity for Urinalysis Testing are Material

USA - November 3 2017 The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit has affirmed a District Court’s judgment on a husband and wife’s health care fraud

DOJ Opioid Fraud Unit Gets First Indictment

USA - October 30 2017 The Department of Justice’s new opioid fraud unit unsealed its first indictment last week, targeting a Pittsburgh-area physician in a

Insys Therapeutics Executive Charged in Connection with Company’s Sale of Fentanyl Spray

USA - October 27 2017 John Kapoor, the founder and chairman of Insys Therapeutics Inc. was indicted Thursday for allegedly bribing doctors to prescribe a fentanyl-based

NJ Doctor Pleads Guilty to Health Care Fraud

USA - October 20 2017 What Happened The healthcare fraud enforcement efforts of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey continue. Anthony J. Enrico, 60

Construction legal edge - Fall 2017

Australia, USA - October 17 2017 This summer, in a case of first impression, Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court ruled that contractors do not have standing to challenge contracts