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Conducting litigation in Nigeria

July 25 2019 An overview of the procedures and practical considerations of litigation in Nigeria, including limitation issues, case management, submission of evidence and available remedies.

In brief: money laundering offences in Nigeria

June 26 2020 A look at the key elements of criminal money laundering offences in Nigeria, including qualifying assets and transactions, predicate offences, defences and sanctions.

Legal Privilege & Professional Secrecy in Nigeria

April 12 2019 A structured guide to legal privelege & professional secrecy in Nigeria

First-step analysis: anti-money laundering provisions in Nigeria

June 14 2019 This Q&A addresses the key points of the anti-money laundering framework in Nigeria, including primary legislation, enforcement and international cooperation, among other things.

Dispute Resolution in Nigeria

July 13 2018 A structured guide to dispute resolution in Nigeria

Year in review: international arbitration in Nigeria

July 5 2021 A review of the past year's most noteworthy developments in international arbitration in Nigeria, including key decisions and legislative changes.

A general introduction to international arbitration in Nigeria

July 5 2021 A general introduction to the legal regime governing international arbitration in Nigeria, including key legislation and formalities.

Public Complaints and Anti-corruption Commission Law 2021

June 14 2021 The Lagos State House of Assembly recently passed the Public Complaints and Anti-corruption Bill. According to the state government, the objective of…

Sentencing of Obinwanne Okeke and restitution for his victims

March 29 2021 Obinwanne Okeke was recently sentenced in the United States for computer and wire fraud and ordered to forfeit various assets. The question raised by…

Lagos Division of the Court of Appeal rules that ex parte disclosure orders are constitutional

December 14 2020 The Lagos Division of the Court of Appeal recently confirmed the constitutionality and validity of the Lagos High Court's granting of a proprietary…