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Drone Regulation in Italy

December 10 2019 A structured guide to drone regulation in Italy

No-show rule and round-trip tickets

January 25 2017 The Competition Authority has often fined Airlines for imposing limits on round-trip tickets which force passengers to take flights in the order…

European Commission proposes extending aviation emissions cap exemption

March 15 2017 The European Commission recently announced its proposal to amend the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, with the aim of contributing to EU climate…

Additional COVID-19 measures introduced for aviation industry

May 13 2020 The government recently introduced additional measures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of specific rules were introduced for the transport…

Ryanair and Codacons agree ADR mechanism for flight compensation claims

October 2 2019 Due to the continued increase in the number of commercial flights and the resulting growth of passenger compensation claims under the EU Flight Delay…

In brief: airport operations in Italy

August 19 2021 A look at some of the key legal and practical issues surrounding airport operations in Italy, including ownership, licensing, slot allocation and air traffic control.

Q&A: competition law and state aid for the aviation sector in Italy

August 19 2021 This article answers some of the key questions surrounding the application of competition law and state aid rules to the aviation sector in Italy.

ICA closes passenger right violation investigations

May 19 2021 The Italian Competition Authority recently closed its investigations regarding the possible violation of passengers' rights under EC Regulation…

Q&A: aircraft repossession and enforcement of security in Italy

April 8 2021 This article covers the basics of aircraft repossession and the enforcement of aircraft security interests in Italy.

In brief: insurance considerations for aircraft financing and leasing in Italy

April 8 2021 This article covers the primary insurance and liability considerations for aircraft financing and leasing in Italy.