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Analysis on Pros and Cons of Madrid Trademark Registration -From the Perspective of Obtaining Protection for Foreign Trademarks in China

China, Global - November 25 2019 As China's Singles Day approaches, all e-commerce platforms have exploited their best tricks by displaying dizzying product pictures and applying

中国での特許無効審判公知技術の抗弁における 公然実施の証拠について

China - December 16 2019 中国経済の迅速な発展に伴い中国の特許出願件数および特許保有数 が大幅に増加し権利行使の意識も高まっていることを背景に特許侵害訴 訟数も年々増えているまた近年では巨額の損害賠償を認めた特許侵 害判例もいくつかあり法的手段を通じて特許紛争の解決を図る企業や個

Patent protection for software

China - September 4 2017 In recent years China has seen rapid growth in the number of patent application filings for computer programs. While recent patent lawsuits involving

Analysis of the Invalidation of the Utility Model “Charger renting and selling machine”

China - September 2 2019 CNIPA published on April 26, 2019 the top ten cases of patent reexamination and invalidation of 2018, including four cases involving a patent for

Analysis on the Protection of Trade Secret from the Perspective of the Revision of Anti-Unfair Competition Law

China - September 2 2019 The 10th Session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress passed the Decision on the Revisions of the Anti-unfair Competition

Introduction to the Amendment to the Guidelines for Patent Examination in ChinaDesign

China - May 12 2020 On September 23, 2019, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (hereinafter referred to as "CNIPA") issued Announcement No.328

Amendment to Chapter 9, Part II of the Guidelines for Patent Examination

China - May 12 2020 The latest amendment to the Guidelines for Patent Examination enacted as of February 1, 2020 added a Section 6 to Chapter 9, Part II of the previous

The enforcement of the judgment on IP infringement in China

China - March 24 2020 In the practice of IP protection in China, in addition to the "the difficulty of producing evidence" and "low compensation", "the complexity in

Current Situation of Trademark Coexistence System and the Application of Coexistence Agreement in the Chinese Trademark Practice

China - March 23 2020 In recent years, the number of trademark applications in China has been rising rapidly. In 2019, the total number of trademark applications reached 7

外国関連 OEM 行為における商標使用問題について

China - December 16 2019 2019年9月23日中国の最高裁判所は本田技研工業株式会社以下 本田社というと重慶恒勝鑫泰貿易有限公司重慶恒勝集団有限公司 以下恒勝社というとの間の商標権侵害紛争案件に対して恒勝社の OEM行為は本田社に対する商標権侵害に該当するという(2019)最高法民