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Austria, EU privacy and the ongoing Schrems v Facebook case

March 10 2020 The Vienna Regional Court for Civil Matters recently closed the oral hearing in the data protection case brought against Facebook by European privacy…

Supreme Court rules on international jurisdiction in copyright infringement cases

May 30 2017 Any payment made pursuant to Section 42b(1) of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights is a considered a debt that must be discharged at the seat of…

Supreme Court rules on liability of arbitrators to pay damages

August 2 2016 The Supreme Court recently ruled on the liability of arbitrators to pay damages. Contract The arbitrators' contract stated that in order to file a…

Volkswagen emissions scandal: Supreme Court refers questions to ECJ

April 21 2020 The Supreme Court recently decided to refer certain important questions regarding the Volkswagen emission manipulation scandal to the European Court…

Limits of res judicata

March 8 2016 In one of its recent decisions the Supreme Court dealt with the limits of preclusion or res judicata. Res judicata's power stems from its…

In brief: arbitration formalities in Austria

May 20 2022 A brief guide to the basics of arbitration in Austria, including formalities and procedural requirements.

Q&A: conducting litigation in Austria

May 20 2022 This Q&A covers the procedures and practical considerations of litigation in Austria, including limitation issues, case management, submission of evidence and available remedies.

In brief: arbitration agreements in Austria

February 25 2022 This Q&A covers the essential legal and practical considerations surrounding arbitration agreements in Austria.

In brief: enforcing and challenging arbitral awards in Austria

February 25 2022 A concise guide covering the key questions surrounding the enforcement, recognition and challenge of arbitral awards in Austria.

At a glance: investment treaty practice in Austria

October 29 2021 A brief Q&A guide to investment treaty practice in Austria, including model BITs and dispute resolution options.