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Jointly-owned property on death

United Kingdom - July 19 2018 The Court of Appeal case of Wall v Munday 2018 highlights the need for co-owners to ensure that their interests in jointly-owned property are dealt

Dividends to shareholders - when and how can they be paid?

United Kingdom - January 23 2018 How does a business return profit to its owners? The usual way, if the business is incorporated as a company, is by paying dividends to the

Sports sponsorship - protecting your brand when your endorser goes rogue

Global - June 6 2016 Sports sponsorship is big business. Brand owners use sponsorship deals to connect with their target market. Sports organisations and teams use the

ABS Structures - What are they and why do they matter to me?

United Kingdom - July 27 2018 It has been 10 years since the Legal Services Act 2007 came into force, permitting law firms to become Alternative Business Structures ("ABS"). When

Deathbed gifts - what are they and when are they legal?

United Kingdom - June 22 2017 The deceased, Ellen Exler, was 91 years old when she died. Ellen died intestate in 2012. As she had no surviving spouse or children, her siblings

Permitted development rights - onwards and upwards!

United Kingdom - May 13 2019 The Government has this week published its response to the consultation from October 2018 entitled, “Planning Reform: Supporting the High Street and

A new permitted development right to support housing delivery by extending buildings upwards to create additional new homes

United Kingdom - May 10 2019 In October 2018 the Government published a consultation entitled “Supporting the high street and increasing the delivery of new homes”. Within that

Where Angels (or trade mark lawyers?) Fear to Tread

United Kingdom - May 3 2019 For many years now it has been possible to register “unconventional” marks as registered UK and EU trade marks. Such trade marks are described on

Don’t forget to attach (and mention) the terms and conditions!

United Kingdom - May 3 2019 Is enclosing your terms and conditions during the course of negotiation sufficient for them to be included in the contractual terms? Not necessarily

The Insolvency and Corporate Governance Consultation: A Review

USA - May 2 2019 The government's response to the recent Insolvency and Corporate Governance Consultation has increased the emphasis on flexibility and the