The government recently passed the Regulations on Non-profit Community Radio and Open Television Services.

The regulations govern:

  • the procedure for obtaining licences and concessions for performing the regulated services;
  • the quality of the services to be rendered;
  • the areas in which the services will be rendered;
  • the circumstances in which a licence or concession extinguishes;
  • the characteristics of the services; and
  • their limitations and obligations.

According to the regulations, licences and concessions may be requested by community foundations, or members acting as their promoters. Public entities are prohibited from providing community radio and television services, and from participating or controlling community foundations.

The government has authority to determine the area within which the services will be rendered. The National Telecommunications Commission will oversee and control the provision of community radio and open television services, with jurisdiction to review periodically the content of programmes that are broadcast and issue its findings with respect to them.

Finally, the government has also issued a decree according to which those entities that are authorized to provide community radio and open television services need not pay the taxes outlined in the Organic Telecommunications Law.

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