The UK government has announced a new initiative to be piloted by the Alan Turing Institute, supported by the British Standards Institution and the National Physical Laboratory. The new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Standard Hub is being established to create practical tools for businesses, bring the United Kingdom's AI community together through a new online platform and develop educational materials to help organisations develop and benefit from global standards.

The government says that the hub will work to improve the governance of AI, complement pro-innovation regulation and unlock the economic potential of these technologies to boost investment and employment now the United Kingdom has left the European Union.

The hub is part of the United Kingdom's new National AI Strategy, a 10-year plan to strengthen the country's position on AI.

In its pilot phase, the new hub will focus on:

  • growing UK engagement to develop global AI standards by bringing together information about technical standards and development initiatives in an accessible, user-friendly and inclusive way;
  • bringing the AI community together through workshops, events and a new online platform to encourage more coordinated engagement in the development of standards around the world;
  • creating tools and guidance for education, training and professional development to help businesses and other organisations engage with creating AI technical standards, and collaborate globally to develop these standards; and
  • exploring international collaboration with similar initiatives to ensure the development of technical standards are shaped by a wide range of AI experts, in line with shared values.

Ahead of the pilot's launch, there will be a series of roundtables with a wide range of organisations led by the Alan Turing Institute to shape the hub's activities.

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