The government has announced its annual survey of UK businesses, educational institutions and charities to find out how they approach cybersecurity and to learn more about the cybersecurity issues they face.(1) The government says that the research informs government policy on cybersecurity and how the government works with organisations to make the United Kingdom one of the most secure places to do business online.

Ipsos MORI has been commissioned to carry out the survey fieldwork. This is taking place by telephone from October 2021 to February 2022. During this period, businesses, charities and educational institutions will be called by an Ipsos MORI interviewer from their Edinburgh office (an 0131 number) inviting them to take part. Businesses across the United Kingdom have been selected at random from the government's Inter-Departmental Business Register. Organisations may also receive an email letting them know Ipsos MORI has called and inviting them to reply.

The government and Ipsos MORI give the following reassurances about the survey:

  • Taking part is totally confidential and voluntary for all individuals and organisations.
  • The survey is not technical and participants do not need any specific IT knowledge.
  • Ipsos MORI would still like to speak to businesses, charities and education institutions even if they have not had any cybersecurity issues to help ensure the findings are representative of all organisations.

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(1) For further information, click here.