The Office of the Director of Telecommunications Regulation has published its latest quarterly review of the Irish telecommunications market. The Irish Telecommunications Market Quarterly Review, March 2001, Doc ODTR 01/14 covers the period from October 1 2000 to December 31 2000.

The review shows an increasingly competitive telecommunications environment in Ireland, and highlights the following points:

  • There has been a significant rise in the mobile penetration rate, with the total number of mobile subscribers increasing to approximately 2.4 million and mobile lines continuing to be the preferred means of telecommunication.

  • Internet penetration is rising.

  • There has been a 25% increase in the number of business and residential subscriber lines using carrier pre-selection, that is, the ability to change supplier from eircom.

  • New entrants' share of the fixed line market has increased to over 19%.

  • The telecommunications sector is estimated to account for approximately 2.79% of gross domestic product.

  • The total number of employees in the telecommunications sector is over 17,000.

  • The total revenue for fixed, mobile and broadcasting markets is now valued at over £2.26 billion per year.

  • The number of cable television/multichannel multipoint distribution system subscribers in Ireland is also increasing.

In relation to telecommunications tariffs, there has been a positive trend in Ireland's fixed line tariffs during the quarter. In the national residential market, Ireland is now ranked ninth out of 18 countries (ahead of the EU average). In the national business market, Ireland is ranked twelfth (ahead of the OECD average). Finally, in the international residential and business markets, Ireland is ranked ninth (also ahead of the OECD average).

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