On 6 July 2020 the Anhui Province government issued the Regulations on the Development and Application of Big Data in Anhui Province for public opinion.

The draft regulations encourage enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions and other organisations and individuals to:

  • engage in the research and development of Big Data technology and develop software and hardware products;
  • use Big Data to develop new industries, formats and models;
  • develop the online economy; and
  • give full play to the economic value and social benefits of data resources.

The draft regulations further encourage and guide data-trading parties to conduct data transactions in Big Data trading service institutions established according to law. The regulations also clarify that data resource transaction should:

  • follow the principles of free will, fairness, honesty and credibility;
  • abide by laws and regulations;
  • respect social morality;
  • not disclose, sell or illegally provide personal information, privacy and business secrets to others; and
  • not damage the interests of the state and the public and the legitimate rights and interests of others.

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