NIC Chile, which administers the '.cl' domain name, recently announced that as of May 30 2016, 508,893 '.cl' domain names had been registered.

NIC Chile was founded in 1987 and is part of the Math and Physics Faculty of the Universidad de Chile. During its first 10 years approximately 1,500 domain names were registered and since then the volume has increased annually, driven by cheaper and more widespread access to the Internet.

According to Patricio Poblete, NIC Chile's director, one of the '.cl' domain name's strengths has been its acceptance at a local level following the decision of several national and international companies and services to develop their internet profile through '.cl' domains.

NIC Chile now offers:

  • the latest systems and registration process, which has been adapted to the better practices in the industry; and
  • an online arbitration system to resolve domain name disputes.

Although NIC Chile is independent from the Trademark Office, registered trademarks are usually key considerations for arbiters in the resolution of any dispute about a domain name. Owning a copyright registration issued by the Copyright Department is also considered to be a solid ground for a domain name revocation suit or a defence against one.

Chile is one of the countries with the best internet coverage and most internet users in Latin America. As a result, it provides an important platform for electronic commerce and industry in the region.

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