Approved on 15 March 2022, Anatel Resolution No. 749/2022 determines the assignment of specific numbers for telecoms services. The new resolution aims to ensure that current regulations keep up with the sector's rapid technological development, especially with regard to the internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions – ensuring compatibility, integrated operations and interconnection between networks.

In aligning the new regulation with the sector's new rules, Anatel has also approved the General Numbering Plan and Resolution No. 750/2022. The latter amends the Telecommunication Services Regulation, Fixed Switched Telephone Service Regulation (STFC) and the Personal Mobile Service Regulation (SMP), while also updating the non-geostationary satellite mobile service standard (SMGS).

The new numbering regulation provides for the assignment of specific numbers for the multimedia communication service (SCM) and the SMGS. To date, Anatel has allocated funds for public numbering only for the STFC, SMP and trunking services, as per Recommendation E.164 of the international telecommunication union.

The new numbering regulation introduces the following main changes:

  • assignment of numbering resources for the multimedia communication service (SCM);
  • a defined numbering plan for the SMGS, using the 700X prefix code;
  • exclusive prefix codes assigned to the national single number service in order to optimise its use without altering charging methods or the local and geographical characteristics of number assignment;
  • adjusting the public utility service codes to suit current needs, and improving requirements and specifications for assigning new codes that will become standardised throughout the country;
  • alternative number codes intended for the carrier selection code to be extended to all carriers, without requiring prior authorization from Anatel; and
  • extending the numbering to IoT and M2M applications.

The changes that both Anatel Resolution No. 749/2022 and No. 750/2022 introduce take effect as of 3 October 2022 – with an 180-day window until they are enforced – so that rules and provisions expressly provided for in the resolution can be revoked.

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