Key aspects

The Argentine Agency for Access to Public Information (AAPI) recently published its annual report highlighting the activities rendered during 2022. This article summarises the most important aspects concerning personal data protection included in the report.

Key aspects

New Personal Data Protection law bill
The AAPI conducted a process aimed at amending the Data Protection Law, which concluded with the drafting of a bill that the executive branch is considering (for further details please see "AAIP releases new version of Personal Data Protection Bill").

Drive for accession to Convention 108+
After the formal approval of Convention 108+ by the Argentine Congress, the AAPI released regulations in accordance with the parameters of this treaty.

Complaints for violation of the Personal Data Protection Law
The AAPI received 491 complaints for possible violations of the Personal Data Protection Law and imposed 52 sanctions on different organisations.

National Registry of Personal Databases
As concerns the National Registry of Personal Databases, the AAPI reported:

  • 1,349 registrations of personal database controllers;
  • 1,947 registrations of private databases;
  • 88 registrations of public databases;
  • 408 modifications of previous registrations; and
  • 103 requests of delisting from the registration.

Do Not Call Registry
As concerns the Do Not Call Registry, 24,045 complaints were filed and 219.320 telephone lines were included in the Do Not Call Registry. Following this, the AAPI imposed 24 sanctions on different companies.

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