On 13 August 2022, Córdoba´s judicial system had to cease operation due to a cyberattack. As a result, authorities filed a criminal complaint and the cybercrime prosecutor's office began to investigate the case.

The attack was carried out by means of a malware, namely a type of ransomware. The attackers managed to hijack the information in the system's database and, as a result, the information technology services provided by the province were unable to function normally. The public prosecutor's office was the only department that continued functioning normally, since it was not affected by the attack.

In response to the attack, Cordoba's judicial branch released an official communication via Twitter, announcing the Regulatory Agreement 1778 to carry out a contingency plan and ensure access to justice. The first measure was to provisionally suspend the electronic processing of all judicial files. In the meantime, all legal filings were to be submitted in hard copy to the competent courts and offices.

Córdoba's judicial branch announced that the database backups were intact. A week after the attack, they managed to stabilise internal digital services and enabled access to the justice website and announced that the data was recovered and unharmed.

Despite this, the contingency plan was extended. According to experts, it could take months until the judicial system fully recovers.

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