On 15 June 2021 the Agency for Access to Public Information (AAPI) – the controlling authority of the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) (25,326) – released a list of recommendations that aim to protect the personal data of participants using video call platforms.

The AAPI recommendations are as follows:

  • Participants should read the conditions and privacy policies of the applications or platforms used for video calls. These platforms must require each participant's consent to be given in writing or by similar means to process their personal data.
  • In certain circumstances, when the use of the platform is for free, participants' personal data could be used for other purposes. These other uses should be properly informed to the participants, as well as the consequences of such use and the recipients of the data. If the information is stored in databases, the controller's name and contact details must be provided.
  • The participants must be previously, explicitly and specifically informed if a video call is to be recorded, including regarding the prospective use of the collected images.
  • Participants should use platforms that enable them to request a password to access meetings or calls and guarantee the identification of those invited to join.

The AAPI also recalled that the PDPL guarantees data subjects' rights and that a claim can be filed with it in cases of non-compliance.

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