On February 17 2011 the National Lottery State-Owned Corporation enacted Resolution 17/11 on games of chance. The resolution introduces new requirements for the annual authorisation, approval, accounting and closure of promotions.

According to the resolution, enterprises that have annual authorisations will be granted a 30-day period in which to regularise their situation.

Promotions previously presented or approved by the corporation, along with those in the process of accounting or closure, will maintain their authorisations and continue in accordance with the established conditions. The presentation of new promotions has been suspended until the next applicable rules and regulations enter force.

There have been a number of essential modifications to the regulation. With the launch of each promotion, those authorised in terms of Article 5 must request authorisation from the corporation at least five days before the mass communication of the promotion or its entry in force, whichever occurs first. The previous period for such communication with the corporation was 48 hours from launch.

Additionally, Ps4,000 must be paid when the proceedings begin for obtaining the annual authorisation and, in order to cover the costs ensuing from the necessary supervision and control, Ps2,000 must be paid for each promotion authorisation application.

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