Law 123(I)/2017 has upgraded the Department of Merchant Shipping to a deputy ministry under the direction of the newly created post of deputy minister of shipping with effect from March 1 2018.

From that date, the new Deputy Ministry of Maritime Affairs will assume the Department of Merchant Shipping's powers and responsibilities, including responsibility for:

  • devising an integrated national shipping strategy for further development of the national shipping register and the shipping sector in Cyprus;
  • coordinating and implementing a national shipping strategy;
  • implementing and modernising maritime legislation and issuing relevant certificates and permits;
  • promoting and supporting investment in shipping, including developing and implementing incentives;
  • promoting maritime education and training;
  • overseeing the maritime sector;
  • cooperating with other supervisory authorities; and
  • informing industry participants of any provisions affecting them.

The upgrade of the Department of Merchant Shipping to a deputy ministry reflects the importance of the shipping sector in Cyprus and the significance that the government places on its development.

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