The Department of Merchant Shipping has issued an updated list of countries whose certificates of competency are accepted for the issue of endorsements recognising non-Cyprus certificates of competency under the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers 1978 (as amended).

Georgia has been removed from the list in accordance with the November 22 2010 decision of the European Commission, which withdrew the recognition that had been granted according to Article 18(3c) of EU Directive 2001/25/EC. The department will no longer issue Cyprus endorsements recognising Georgian certificates of competency, but issued endorsements remain valid until they expire. The department will reissue Cyprus endorsements recognising Georgian certificates to masters and officers only on the basis of approved seagoing service on board Cyprus-flagged ships, involving the performance of duties appropriate to the certificate held, for an accumulated period of at least one year during the preceding five years.

The updated list of countries whose certificates of competency are accepted is as follows.

Algeria Czech Republic Indonesia Netherlands Russia
Argentina Denmark Iran New Zealand Singapore
Australia Egypt* Ireland Nigeria* Slovakia
Bangladesh* Estonia Israel Norway Slovenia
Belgium Finland Italy Pakistan South Africa
Brazil France Jamaica Peru Spain
Bulgaria Germany Japan* Philippines Sri Lanka
Canada Ghana* Latvia Poland Sweden
Cape Verde* Greece Lithuania Portugal Turkey
Chile Hong Kong Malta Korea Ukraine
China Hungary Mexico Montenegro United Kingdom
Croatia Iceland Morocco* Serbia United States
Cuba India Myanmar Romania Vietnam

*Countries in the process of being assessed by the European Commission.

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