On August 26 2011 the Coast and Ports Directorate published Ordinance 185/DPC amending the provisions of NORMAN-13, which sets out the procedures and related rules for the admission, registration and career of seafarers and workers on waterways.

According to the ordinance, any professional who has passed the Admission Special Course for First Assistant Engineers as of 2002 may carry out inland navigation in the capacity of chief engineer on a vessel of any power capacity.

The rules for calculating the time on board, as set out in Item 125 of NORMAN-13, have also been altered. The new rules provide that the crewmember's time on board will be counted on any vessel in operation, provided that the crewmember discharges the duty or holds the position for which he or she is duly qualified.

The calculation also includes services carried out on board the following vessels:

  • offshore oil platforms (but not fixed platforms);
  • floating production, storage and offloading units;
  • floating storage units; and
  • drilling vessels.

The above applies where the officer holds the position of:

  • offshore installation manager;
  • vessel supervisor;
  • ballast control operator;
  • maintenance supervisor; or
  • dynamic positioning operator.

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