The industrial real estate market in the United States has experienced high demand during the covid-19 pandemic and will continue to hold strong as the development of e-commerce, warehouse and logistics facilities remains robust. While the accelerated buildout of industrial facilities is expected to alleviate supply pressure over the next year, markets remain tight and challenges with shortages of materials, supply chain disruptions and congestion persist.

Jami Balint and Katie Yuen, partners in Seyfarth's real estate department, join hosts James O'Brien and Eric Greenberg to discuss trends in industrial real estate transactions and development, including:

  • increased appetite for zoning and permitting risks to lock down land in a tight market;
  • impact of continued material shortages and supply chain issues on force majeure provisions; and
  • negotiation of rights of first refusal in light of developers increasing interest in realizing near term gains on their developments.

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