The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has established a new procedure for receiving information from the Unified State Real Estate Register, making such data available online. The Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastral Records and Cartography provides the service through its website.(1)

Access is provided for one year, subject to application and payment of an access fee. The application can be submitted in person, sent by post or completed online. Within five days, the applicant is provided with access keys in the format requested in the application, either as a hard copy or as an electronic document.

The access keys activate the payment system. The fee, which can be renewed annually, depends on the number of inquiries, except in the case of those natural or legal persons entitled by law to obtain information from the register for free (eg, judges and the public authorities). Payment is made through a bank, and an electronic copy of the proof of payment is sent to the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastral Records and Cartography. The cost is determined by Order 58/2012 of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, which was issued on February 15 2012.

The costs below are for state authorities, other public bodies and natural persons. For legal entities, the cost is doubled.

Information provision method

Number of real estate inquiries and corresponding payment

Up to 100

Up to 1,000

Up to 10,000

Up to 100,000

Up to 500,000

Without notice about changes to data






With the option of obtaining notice of changes to data






Once payment has been made, direct access to the database is provided. The information available from the register depends both on the sub-registers and on the person requesting the information.

Everyone has the right to access general information about a certain land plot, building or other real estate identified in the application, including:

  • a description of the property;
  • registered rights therein and encumbrances on such rights; and
  • information regarding any claims that exist or are pending at the time that the extract is issued.

The law limits access to information regarding:

  • personal and commercial data;
  • the history of rights and transactions; and
  • synopses of the rights of a person to a property.

Under the new order, limited-access information is provided only to state authorities, notaries and real estate right holders (ie, owners, mortgagees or lessees) or their representatives.

The order came into force on March 1 2012. The website specifies that it will be gradually implemented in all regions of Russia by the end of 2012.

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(1) For further details please see