The Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services has issued an order entitled "Requirements for Expert Organisations Engaged in the Examination of Construction Projects".(1) It establishes that such organisations must maintain:

  • a full roster of staff, comprising the necessary experts in the appropriate fields - the document sets out in detail the sectors in which organisations must maintain such expertise;
  • the necessary organisational and methodical documentation (in hard copy and in electronic format) for the examination of construction projects;
  • owned or leased premises that meet sanitary norms and logistical rules for workplaces; and
  • a confidential unit following the examination of projects that involve state secrets.

The ministry will publish a list of expert organisations that meet these criteria on its website. The list will be compiled on the basis of statement from the organisations in question, accompanied by documentation as listed in the order.

For further information on this topic please contact Timur Bondaryev at Arzinger by telephone (+380 44 390 5533), fax (+380 44 390 5540) or email ([email protected]).


(1) Order 53, May 23 2011.