This article is the second in a series on inheritance and succession law in Cyprus and answers the question of what makes a person unworthy of succession (for the first part in the series see "Inheritance and succession: statutory portion").

According to the Cypriot Law on Wills and on Succession (Cap. 195), a person is deemed unworthy to inherit, if they:

  • have been convicted of intentionally and unlawfully causing the death (or of intentionally and unlawfully attempting to cause the death) of the person whose estate is the object of succession;
  • have been convicted of the murder or of the attempted murder of the child, parent, husband or wife of the person whose estate is the object of succession;
  • by coercion, fraud or mental pressure have caused the testator to make a will or revoke an existing will;
  • have obstructed the testator from making a will or altering or revoking an existing will;
  • have submitted to a supposititious will to the testator;
  • have illegally altered or destroyed the testator's existing will; or
  • have aided or encouraged any person to commit any of the above acts.

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