The Isle of Man High Court has published a code of conduct for members of the Isle of Man judiciary in an effort to maintain and enhance judicial standards.

Deemster David Doyle launched the code, stating that it is important that the community is aware of the high standards of conduct that are rightly required of the Manx judiciary. The code is based on the six Bangalore principles of judicial conduct, which are well recognised internationally:

  • judicial independence;
  • impartiality;
  • integrity;
  • propriety;
  • equality of treatment; and
  • competence and diligence.

In introducing the code of conduct, Deemster Doyle pointed out that an important distinction must be drawn between a mistake by a judge, which could form part of an appeal, and misconduct by a judge, which could form part of a complaint. Deemster Doyle commented that when a party to litigation thinks that a judge has made a mistake, that party may be able to appeal such a decision to a higher court. However, if a party wishes to complain about the personal conduct of a judge, such a complaint can be made in writing to the lieutenant governor.

Deemster Doyle commented that he hopes that the publication of the code of conduct will help to emphasise the high standards of conduct which are expected from judges in the Isle of Man.

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