Guernsey is 'commercializing' certain trading boards - Guernsey Electricity, the Guernsey Post Office and Guernsey Telecoms - previously run by the government of Guernsey (the States). On October 1 2001 the Regulation of Utilities (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2001 came into force.

The Trading Companies Law empowered the States, by subsidiary legislation or ordinances, to designate any company to be a states trading company, and by ordinance to make such provision as it thinks fit in relation to the transfer to and vesting in a states trading company of the undertaking of the States or any part of it.

The States Trading Companies (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Ordinance 2001 also came into force on October 1 2001. The Trading Ordinance designated Guernsey Electricity Limited, Guernsey Post Limited and Guernsey Telecoms Limited as states trading companies for the purposes of the Trading Companies Law. It also transferred to the states trading companies (subject to certain exceptions) the undertakings of Guernsey Post and Guernsey Telecoms, and provides for the transfer of the undertaking of Guernsey Electricity on a date to be appointed.

The impact that this new legislation will have on the regulation of the sector is examined in Regulation of Utilities is Overhauled.

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