In March 2020, officials in Poland gave the order that court proceedings must, unless for particular reasons, be conducted online. These provisions will remain in place for the duration of the covid-19 pandemic, plus one year. While the hybrid system that is currently in place seems like a good alternative, there are many negative drawbacks, including potential technical difficulties. It could be that the traditional court proceedings offer the counsels a better opportunity to convince the court.

The trending topics in Polish litigation this year have included class actions against the State Treasury for liability claims regarding loss of earnings due to lockdowns. Similar claims are being seen in the rental market, with renters demanding that their rent should have been lowered in light of external factors.

There are strict provisions in place for Polish commercial cases. Claimants should be aware of this before starting a claim. They should also consider the limitation period of their claim.

In the video below, Barbara Jelonek-Jarco discusses how the courts adapted to the covid-19 pandemic and what the recent litigation trends in Poland have been and may be for the remainder of 2021. She also offers guidance to litigants about how to avoid common pitfalls in the process.

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