The Chinese courts have adapted incredibly well to the need carry out proceedings virtually due to covid-19 restrictions. This was because the internet courts already existed, which paved the way for other courts to follow suit and transition to online hearings. With a robust virtual hearing system already in place, it seems likely that remote trials could be here to stay in certain contexts.

The focus of many litigations in China in 2021 has been the digital economy and digital assets. When it comes to digital business, a question that must be resolved is that of ownership – who owns the data? In addition, there have been adjustments to the Chinese economy that have led to an increased number of bankruptcy cases passing through the courts. Parties should consider using an injunction as a first move. However, if they must litigate, it is dangerous to overthink.

In the video below, Tim Yimin Liu discusses how the courts adapted to the covid-19 pandemic and what the recent litigation trends in China have been and may be for the remainder of 2021. He also offers guidance to litigants about how to avoid common pitfalls in the process.

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