According to the 1995 Notice of Recordation of Agreements on the Release of Foreign Audio and Video Products in China, where prior certification for an audio and video product is required from an overseas certification institute designated by China's National Copyright Administration, the audio and video publication agency in China requests the provider of such products to provide an ownership certificate issued by the certification institute concerned.

After the Cross-Strait Cooperative Agreement on Intellectual Property Right Protection took effect on September 12 2010, the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office designated the Taiwan Association for Copyright Protection (TACP) as the copyright certification institute for Taiwanese audio and video products, for the purpose of establishing the certification system under Article 6 of the agreement. Such designation was officially recognised by China's National Copyright Administration on December 16 2010. If a Taiwanese operator desires to release any audio and video products in China in the future, it can directly apply to the TACP for the certification procedure in Taiwan. This policy will facilitate the release of Taiwanese audio and video products in China.

The TACP began to accept applications for copyright certification for various audio and video products (including audio tapes, video tapes, CDs, LDs and other audio and video products) from December 24 2010.

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