As well as capital injections in the market, the Peruvian authorities have decided to give intellectual property an important role in the process of business reactivation in the country. The National Institute for the Defence of Competition and Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi) has placed particular emphasis on strengthening micro, small and medium-sized companies, which are the most vulnerable in the sector.

According to an EU report, companies that have a portfolio of IP assets obtain 20% more income, pay 20% more to their employees and create 160% more jobs than those that do not. A clear example of this are businesses dedicated to innovation, design and the development of technology, which, in addition to reaping the benefits of their creations themselves, contribute exponentially to their industries and the economy in general.

It is worth highlighting the results obtained by micro, small and medium-sized companies because of Indecopi's campaign to boost the registration of invention patents. In 2020, a total of 92 applications from Peruvian companies were registered, exceeding the previous average of 50 applications.

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