The National Council for Science, Technology and Innovation has developed a technology readiness level (TRL) tool, through which inventors can measure the level of technological maturity of their research, innovation or entrepreneurship project.

The TRL tool enables the user to identify and manage the effort needed to mature each of the phases of the research and/or development project. This allows the user to generate new or better products, processes and/or services that can be used by both the public and private sectors when they enter the market.

The TRL tool will be useful for inventors who wish to patent their inventions because it will help them to understand whether their invention has fulfilled the necessary patentability requirements. The TRL tool may also be useful for patent attorneys as it will enable them to provide advice regarding:

  • the most appropriate strategies to protect the invention, such as through:
    • a protection certificate; or
    • a trade secret; or
  • the most suitable contracts regarding the invention, such as
    • a non-disclosure agreement to protect the invention's confidentiality; or
    • a licence agreement if the invention has already entered the market.

Use of the TRL tool does not affect the patentability requirement of novelty. Applicants should seek the advice of patent attorneys, who will be able to recommend the best form of protection for their invention.

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