Recent IP developments in Peru
Expected IP developments in Peru

Recent IP developments in Peru

The top three IP developments that recently took place in Peru are:

  • the implementation of a special online system for the submission of registration and renewal applications;
  • the reduction of the fee corresponding to renewal requests; and
  • the elimination of the fee corresponding to the registration of collective trademarks.

These developments took place between 2020 and 2021 and have been the only changes in recent years.

Expected IP developments in Peru

It is expected that the following IP developments will take place in Peru in 2022:

  • the implementation of various changes to the legislation, such as allowing the cancellation of trade names, which is not yet stipulated;
  • the introduction of a longer period to make amendments to products or services as requested by the Patent and Trademark Office; and
  • the introduction of the ability to file applications that demonstrate real interest in an opposition after the opposition is presented.

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