The commissioner of patents in Israel has denied two patent applications submitted by Dr Steven Thaler. The commissioner found that recognising artificial intelligence (AI) as a patent inventor, or the registration of a patent for an invention created without any human involvement, is a question of policy best decided by the legislature. Until the legislature enacts different rules, only a human being may be named the inventor of a patent.

Thaler's application insists that he is not the inventor. According to Thaler's application, the inventive process was carried out by the device for the autonomous bootstrapping of unified sentience (known as "Dabus"), an AI tool, without any human involvement. Thaler has submitted patent applications around the globe. To date, patent offices and courts in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union and Australia have denied his applications, owing to the commonly accepted rule that the inventor must be a human being. To date, Thaler's patent application of an invention based on AI has been granted only in South Africa.

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