On June 9 2000 the Finnish regulator, the Telecommunications Administration Centre (TAC), issued a new regulation on the administration of domain names under Finland's top level domain (fiTLD). The regulation, which became effective on June 15 2000, removes some of the registration restrictions for fiTLDs imposed by the TAC's 1997 regulation. The new regulation is seen as a temporary measure, as legislation covering the same principles is expected to be adopted in 2001.

The major changes to fiTLD registration under the new regulation are as follows:

  • All professionals and business persons registered with the Finnish Trade Register (FTR) may apply for fiTLDs. Previously, only Finnish public associations and companies, associations, foundations and branch offices registered with the Finnish Trade Register could apply for fiTLDs;

  • It is now possible for a legal entity registered in Finland to be granted several fiTLDs. Prior to June 15 2000, legal entities could only be granted one fiTLD; and

  • A legal entity registered in Finland may now be granted a fiTLD based on its registered Finnish trademark or EU trademark. Previously, it could only be granted a fiTLD on the basis of its registered trade name, auxiliary trade name or parallel trade name. A legal entity registered in Finland cannot, however, be granted a fiTLD based on its international trademark registration under the Madrid Protocol.

The TAC's 1997 regulation will apply to applications for fiTLD registrations pending on June 15 2000, when the new regulation entered into force. The registration of fiTLDs granted before June 15 2000 will remain in force.

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